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Who can be an Axi Affiliate?

Our referral program is open to anyone who wants to monetise their online presence by building an acquisition based business. In general, our digital referral structure is best suited to bloggers, website owners and other online publishers – especially those experienced in finance and trading sectors.

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Why partner with Axi Affiliates?

  • Dynamic and tiered payout structures that directly reward performance
  • Minimum payout of $300 per account
  • Up to US$700 commission per Live traded account referred
  • Fast payments and withdrawals through our custom portal
  • No affiliate setup fees

Why partner with Axi Affiliates?

  • Tiered structure to maximise earning potential
  • View and track performance with tools and reporting
  • View and track performance with tools and reporting
  • Access to marketing campaigns and promotional assets
  • Multilingual client support team


Join our signature affiliate referral program and earn generous commission.

  • Minimum payout of $300 per qualified account
  • Up to US$700 commission per Live traded account referred
  • Fortnightly payments, plus optional monthly retainer
  • Professional marketing and promotional material
  • Multilingual client support service

Master affiliate Program

Build a network of sub-affiliates to help you earn extra with every referral.

  • Set up your own sub-affiliates to generate referrals
  • Earn commission each time your sub-affiliate on-boards a client

Gold, Silver and Bronze tiered structure offers higher payouts for more acquisitions

Introducing Brokers

An ideal extra revenue stream for partners working in the trading industry.

  • Leverage your existing relationships to refer active traders
  • Earn commission each time you successfully convert a lead to a qualified trading account

Flexible structure rewards you at every level and grows your earning potential

Fund & Wealth Managers

Add value to your portfolio by converting existing partnerships into bankable referrals

  • Premium commission structure offers greater rewards the more clients you refer
  • Seamless on-boarding with VIP support
  • A full suite of trading products including FX, CFDs, Metals, Cryptocurrencies and more
  • Simple integration with MT4 platform

Fully professional partner program operated by a globally recognised and regulated broker