Frequently Asked Questions


How do I earn commission?

It’s very simple. Every time you directly refer a person to us and that person becomes a “qualified trader”, you’ll earn a commission payment! Referrals are typically done online by posting ads or banners on your website that direct people to our website.

How much can I earn as an AxiAffiliate?

Axi Affiliates enjoy high commissions and earning potential, starting with a minimum payment of $200 per qualified account and up to US$900 per Live traded account referred.

When can I start earning commission?

Once you’ve submitted your registration we can approve our partnership in as little as one hour. Once your registration is confirmed you can begin referring and earning commission straight away!

When are payments processed?

Affiliates are paid on a monthly basis. Within 15 days after the end of each calendar month.

Do you operate a tiered payment structure?

Yes. Minimum referral payments begin at $200 USD per qualified client, going up to $900 USD. We pay higher rate of commission to affiliates depending on the amount of deposit and traded lots of referred clients.

What about sub-affiliates?

You can apply to become a Master Affiliate and have your own sub-affiliates, helping you earn extra commission. Master Affiliate will receive flat 10% commission of the Sub-affiliate earnings.


Where do I get access to banners and other marketing material?

All marketing and campaign assets can be downloaded directly through our user-friendly affiliate portal.

Can I use the Axi or Axicorp brands to encourage referrals?

Once you have been registered as an official partner with Axi Affiliates, you are able to use our company branding assets on legitimate websites and campaigns to help with your referrals.

Do you update your banners and campaigns?

Yes. We regularly update our creative material to ensure affiliates have new ways to attract leads. All new advertising assets are available through the affiliate portal.

Who can I contact if I’ve got a problem?

If you’ve got an account query, please get in touch with your dedicated Affiliate Manager directly. Alternatively, contact our global client support team.


What is AxiAffiliates?

Axi Affiliates is the official online client referral program operated by Axi.

How does it work?

It’s very simple. You start by placing one of our ads or banners on your website. When a person clicks your ad and is directed to our site, you’ll get a commission payment once they register and become a “qualified trader”.

What’s a Qualified Trader?

A qualified trader is considered to be someone who is a new Axi client, opens a new trading account and achieves the minimum deposit & trading volume criteria.

Who can apply to be an Axi Affilate?

Our referral program is open to anyone over the age of 18.

Is there any cost to be an Axi Affilate?

No. AxiAffiliates is free to join and there are no ongoing membership fees.

Can I refer clients from anywhere?

Our global licensing and regulation allows for clients to be sourced from the majority of countries around the world. However, in order to ensure we meet our obligations, we are prohibited from onboarding clients from the following countries/regions: Afghanistan, Belarus, Crimean region of Ukraine, Cuba,Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Haiti, Islamic Republic of Iran, Israel, Libya, Maldives, North Korea, Ontario (Canadian Province), Palestine, Somalia, South Sudan, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Syrian Arab Republic, Russia, Myanmar, Vanuatu, Ukraine, United States of America.

Is AxiAffiliates regulated?

Yes, AxiAffiliate’s operations are regulated by ASIC and DFSA for activities connected to AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd and the FCA for activities connected to AxiCorp Limited.


How do I track referrals?

All referrals, along with other detailed reporting information, can be easily viewed and tracked through the Axi Affiliates Portal.

Can I view performance reports?

Yes. Performance reports and other useful information is available to you by logging into the Axi Affiliates Portal.

What reporting information can I see?

Logging into the Axi Affiliates Portal gives you quick insights into the most important information about your account, including:

  • Overall traffic
  • Conversions
  • Trading volume
  • Commissions earned and paid